Our year 6 class By Alex and Sara

Our year six class is very fun! We have great teachers like, Ms. Peacock, Ms. Jackson. Our first topic in our fantastic learning is the Vikings but  our next one is Natural disasters though. We think it is so interesting and brilliant to learn. Soon, our class will be making plastic bottle volcanoes. In our first  topic we made Viking longships which will be on display outside Ms. Peacock’s class! Anyway, us year 6 and 5 will be performing a primary school  christmas musical. We have been learning about semaphore  code’s, which was extra excellent! Come and join the fun! Recently, it has been target day and last week we were focusing on addition and this week is the best because, it is subtraction. Mostly, we have been doing Science, our topic in science is Living things and their habitat’s which we are keen to learn on. Year 6 are going on a trip to the Southern Cemetery because of Rememberance Day. Everyone is very excited because of this trip and we will learn a lot from it. By Alex and Sara.

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