What I have enjoyed in Year 6. By Laiba and Domonique


So far in year 6 I have enjoyed the work in maths about fractions due to the fact that its hard and challenging and I enjoy it.  I also like my new teacher Miss Peacock she’s really nice and understanding if I’m stuck in anything she will help me. I am looking forward to our new topic which is natural disasters. We are going to make volcanos out of plastic bottles and I’m really excited.



So far in year 6 I have enjoyed the maths. Also on the first week we played hockey and I really enjoyed it. In that same week we did Topic and I enjoyed that because we were doing ruins. Two weeks after that, we started making Viking boats and me and Raneem made the boat also we did French. Later in the day, we did numeracy and it was adding decimals I didn’t get it at first but now I get it a lot.


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