year 6 so far


My thoughts on year six so far are that I am enjoying challenging myself with level six maths work. We have worked closely on fractions and decimals and I have grown  particularly keen on dividing decimals. I have also enjoyed our French lessons. We have learnt about days of the week, french numbers and greetings. I am looking forward to French day next week and our Francais based class assembly of which our parents will attend. I have also taken interest in our current literacy topic, discussion texts. I have been working on whether or not illegal downloads should be made legal. Last term our topic was the vikings and we were told all about the era by a history professional and we were involved in many exciting activities. I am now looking forward to our next topic “What makes the earth angry” where we will be making erupting volcanoes.



This year in y6  have  been good. we  have been  learninig about the vikings for our topic . I liked this because we made viking longboats. I also like maths because I found adding challenging at first but then it was easier.

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weekend BY Marc

In the weekend I went with my dad to see the new house.

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Year 6p

I really like year 6 because I am learning a lot of things and my partner Nadeer is a bit smart so ha ho.

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year 6p

Nadeer In year six I thought that it will be hard and horrible, but then I realised it’s not that hard and I really enjoyed it and i really loved my teachers.

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Year 6

I love to do maths and my partner Mo has moved to another school but i can do my work my self i am trying my best

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My Weekend

On my weekend I went to my cousins house we played on our xboxes and we played football on our xboxes, we played fifa against each other and we also played grand theft auto five on multiplayer mode.  We are good friends and we always play. I also went with my mum to Asda in the retail park and I got seven hot wheel cars. Then I went to my mums stables she has four horses called Carriad ,  Georgiana, Blue and Berty Blue is Georgiana’s  baby and  we used to have 6 pigs but they grew up and went to the slaughter house and we also had four lambs and the same happened to them so that is what I did on my weekend.


THE END !!!!

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french day

I’m so existed for french day to do our assembly and to our french activity and our parents see our amazing work  and say how amazing it is                       by Nadeer


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3 o’clock. By Laiba and Domonique.

There once was a girl called Katy. She had just moved into a new house. All her friends were saying “that’s a haunted house, that’s a haunted house  I’m telling you know its a haunted house!” That same night, she was in bed thinking that can’t be true. She couldn’t get to sleep and then there was a big BANG and she heard a baby crying and then someone singing ringa ringa roses and saying “come with me baby, you will be safe!” Katy then looked out the window and nothing was there. … She then went to sleep and woke up two hours after. It was 3 o’clock! Katy was feeling thirsty so she went downstairs to get a glass of water. She grabbed her glass and turned around to go to bed and saw a shadow which was tall and thin. She walked two steps and the shadow followed her.

The next morning, she went back to school and told her friends everything that happened and her friends replied “told you so its haunted, now  move out!” Katy went home and packed her stuff and orders a van to take all her belongings away. Katy packed all her things and the van had came. She walking down the stairs and all of a sudden the door had closed with a big BANG! Then she got dragged up the stairs and was never seen again …..


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My weekend

On Friday I went to afterschool club and I made a bead necklace. Then at 4:00pm and I got to sit

in the front of the car I went home and got some clean clothes on. I packed my bag to go to my

nanas house my nana is called Iron. I saw my baby cousins called Nico and Rocko. The oldest one

is Rocko he is the nice kid but the naughty one is Nico. I watched the BFG on my nanas tv at 6:00pm

then it finished my nana brought me mc donuld  then I went to bed at 1:ooam my nana picked

me up and put me in her bed it was nice and soft I woke up in the morning. I played with the dog

and my nana brought me some lunch it was chicken run it was tasty. I made a chocolate cake

with my nana it was very tasty it was the best cake in the world ..

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The weekend by Walid

On my weekend I went to my cousins in Birmingham. We left on Saturday 8:00AM and it took 2 hours to get there so we arrived at 10:00AM. When we arrived there we settled and we had breakfast and we had eggs with toast. After, me, my brother and my cousin played on his PS4 we played COD: Advanced Warfare on Infected and campaign mode. Later on, we went to the local park and we played football with other people. We came back and we had dinner and we had fish and chips it was delicious!!! After we sat down and watched television and we watched PSG vs Marseille the score was 2-0 to PSG. It was the same day on Sunday except we went to Birmingham city centre. we left 8:00pm and arrived 10:00am. 

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