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year 6 so far


My thoughts on year six so far are that I am enjoying challenging myself with level six maths work. We have worked closely on fractions and decimals and I have grown  particularly keen on dividing decimals. I have also enjoyed our French lessons. We have learnt about days of the week, french numbers and greetings. I am looking forward to French day next week and our Francais based class assembly of which our parents will attend. I have also taken interest in our current literacy topic, discussion texts. I have been working on whether or not illegal downloads should be made legal. Last term our topic was the vikings and we were told all about the era by a history professional and we were involved in many exciting activities. I am now looking forward to our next topic “What makes the earth angry” where we will be making erupting volcanoes.



This year in y6  have  been good. we  have been  learninig about the vikings for our topic . I liked this because we made viking longboats. I also like maths because I found adding challenging at first but then it was easier.

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