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Midnight terror…

It was a cold dark night in the village of everterrace when a girl named Lisa was reading the twilight saga. All of a sudden she heard a rustle in tthe bushes however little did she know it was not just a fox. Gradually, the noise got louder and eventually it ended in a scream. Terrified, Lisa climbed out of her bed and looked out the window although nothing was to be seen. She picked up her book and got back into bed only to hear footsteps creeping along the coridoor. She tiptoed down the stairs, finding a trail of crimson red blood. A shadow quickly crossed the room and as she picked up the phone ready to call the police, she heard a scream. She dropped all of her things and ran outside to see what was going on, but before she could reach the scene, She heard a deep voice and a man in black clothes followed her. “I am anonymous, No-one will name me.” Suddenly, all went quiet. “And cut! Nice work guys!” Lisa gasped. “What’s going on?” And then suddenly she remembered… The midnight terror movie filming! ” Where have you been Lisa, we’ve knocking on your door for ages! Eventually, your brother let us in. Oh yeah by the way sorry about the fake blood spilage!”

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