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Year 6 so far By Walid

So far in year 6, we did Vikings and in the first week a man came to tell all about The Vikings. Later in  the topic we made a viking longboat with a partner and my partner was Josh we did a sail, yard arm,shield etc. I really enjoyed making the longboats.  After, we learned all about King Cnut and all the countries The Vikings invaded such as Canada, Britain, France etc. Also, I enjoyed maths we did rounding, place value, fractions , target maths for addition and subtraction etc. I really enjoyed maths and in literacy we wrote a 1st person account, biographies, a non-chronological report. I feel my writing has improved a lot.

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The weekend by Walid

On my weekend I went to my cousins in Birmingham. We left on Saturday 8:00AM and it took 2 hours to get there so we arrived at 10:00AM. When we arrived there we settled and we had breakfast and we had eggs with toast. After, me, my brother and my cousin played on his PS4 we played COD: Advanced Warfare on Infected and campaign mode. Later on, we went to the local park and we played football with other people. We came back and we had dinner and we had fish and chips it was delicious!!! After we sat down and watched television and we watched PSG vs Marseille the score was 2-0 to PSG. It was the same day on Sunday except we went to Birmingham city centre. we left 8:00pm and arrived 10:00am. 

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